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Steve Jobs Doesn’t Sell Steak…

… but he sure sells the sizzle! OK bad pun, but I am making a (I guess) serious point. I am referring to Apple’s glossy marketing and oh-so-cool design which is somewhat at odds with their longstanding hardware quality and performance issues … notably with overheating batteries. (You see … “sizzle” … “overheating batteries”? Oh whatever …)

burning mac

I have never owned a Mac (I do own other Apple products, notably an iPod) and personally never saw the allure, outside certain outward design features. I have friends who work at agencies who have them, and I have always been mystified by their smug attitude to “PC people”, and dewy-eyed devotion to their “Mac”.

What is it about Apple that does this? I confess I have intermittently admired Apple marketing: I can still remember first seeing “1984” for example and some of their Think Different offerings were outstanding. (Not so the new iPhone ads!)

think different

Three things really stand out for me: (1) That Steve Jobs recognized digital devices were about entertainment not technology (2) The way Apple Stores have been leveraged and (3) The Apple Community.

And it is point (3) which intersects with my own universe. Say what you like about quality, Apple were really pioneers in Social Media … and you have to give them their props for that (hey, I could almost forgive the terrible Mac v PC ads …)



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Guru or Fool: David Armano

I just noticed this typically self-effacing post by David Armano. The first paragraph sums it up: “In the past several weeks, I’ve been noticing a pattern. I’ve seen words like “Guru”, “A-lister” etc. next to my name—and it’s freaking me out. Don’t get me wrong—this aint about coming across as humble, nor it is an attempt to dictate how I’m labeled. What makes me nervous is what would happen if I started believing these labels.”


I happen to think David Armano is a great thinker, and I owe him a debt for the many pictograms of his I have “borrowed” for my own presentations. Contrast his approach to the rather more self conratulatory approach of certain other Web 2.0 commentators …

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